Saltville Postmaster

by Bob Mayo Articles

I thought this cover would be of interest to Virginia Postal History Collectors, especially those interested in Saltville. The cover is self explanatory. Obviously, the government did quite a business in auditing local postmasters, since notice is type set. Mr. P. G. Washington worked as a Virginia auditor for post offices from 1843 to 1847. Hope you enjoy this piece of postal history.

Bob Mayo

Saltville is named for the vast salt deposits that exist in Smyth and Washington counties. The commercial salt industry began developing there in the 1780s. During the Civil War, Saltville played a vital role in providing salt for the Confederacy. On the second of October, 1864, the Confederate forces turned back Federal troops. While on the 20th of December, 1864, Union forces damaged the salt works operation, though they did not capture the town. Salt manufacturing continues to operate to this day.

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